Discount Powerful blue violet 100mW Laser Pointer

Powerful blue violet 100mW Laser Pointer
Powerful blue violet 100mW Laser Pointer

Powerful blue violet 100mW Laser Pointer

  • color :blue violet laser
  • Output power: 100mW laser
  • Availability: In stock
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Price:$ 72.39

  • Our Price:$ 63.23

Product Information

  • Blue violet laser pointers is rarely prefered to the green and red ones, it could be used for what others do, which also reflects the individual unique aesthetic taste. It is probably not as much preferred lasers as an astronomy laser pointer, because brighter colors would make an object more visible in the sky. However it comes down to all other uses such as pinpointing something on the large screen or on the blackboard.

  • Flashlight style, small and exquisite
    Aviation aluminum with silver plated, feels smooth and nice
    Adjustable focusing, can be adjusted according to the actual need, meet the needs of the customers
    Cheap blue violet laser pointer 100mw focusable laser pointer could reach 200mW , can light matches and even black shopping bags easily
    CR123A rechargeable batteries, can be used repeatedly
    Buy a blue Voilet Laser Pointer to get a new echargeable battery and charger for free
    Blue Voilet Laser Pointer as new light source, novel and unique

  • Product Specifications :
  • 1.Key Feature:purple laser
    2.Material: Aviation aluminum
    3.Surface Treatment: Silver plated
    4.Operating mode :soft touch
    5.Power supply: 1*CR123A
    6.Wavelength: 405nm
    7.Laser range: 500-10000 meters
    8.Working voltage: DC3V
    9.Working temperature :0~+35Celsius degree
    10.N.W:46g laser pointer
    11.Adjustable Focus : continuous output
    high quality 100mw purple laser pointercheap 100mw purple laser pointer
  • best 100mw purple laser pointer
  • Laser beam of outdoor blue violet laser pointer so strong, there is a failure in the eyes. Do not look into when you use. Do not direct the eyes of others.

  • Packing Details :
    1x 405nm Blue violet Laser Pointer 100mW
    1x Velvet box
    1x Velvet box with wrapping papers sets

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